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No, I don’t need you.

[Hello, this is Rene A. I had started this blog a while back (as you can tell from the date of this post) but have recently decided to re-purpose it as an advice blog with my friend Lara B. I deleted most of the former posts, but I wanted to keep some of the ones I felt were still relevant.]

I don’t get the stereotypes for single moms. It’s as if we are so weak and so unable to care for ourselves that we need to get married so someone can take care of us. That may be the case for some women, (and I say some women because it’s not just single moms who can act like this) but it definitely can’t describe all of us.

I am a young-looking single mom. I look more like a teenager than an adult, so when people find out I’m a single mom their first thought is, “Oh, I bet she got knocked up at 16.”

I actually happen to be one of those rare individuals who waited until her wedding day to have sex. Not that I’m a complete nun now, far from it, but my daughter was the product of a loving relationship.

However, I still get the looks, the murmurs, the “so, when are you going to get married?”


Honestly, the only thing I miss about being married is the companionship. Someone to come home to.

I have everything I need, but I won’t lie; this life gets lonely.

As a strong, independent woman who rejects the stereotype of single mothers, I say, “No, I don’t need you. If I ever pay attention to you, It’s because I think you might be a cool person to be around.”

/steps down from my soapbox ’till another day.