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Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell

[Hello, this is Rene A. I had started this blog a while back (as you can tell from the date of this post) but have recently decided to re-purpose it as an advice blog with my friend Lara B. I deleted most of the former posts, but I wanted to keep some of the ones I felt were still relevant.]

[This post isn’t very relevant, but I decided to keep it because of the good family memories. ]

Today was the annual C-mas party at the armory. I usually don’t go to it, but since it was my dad’s last year in the military, I decided to make a couple memories.

I think the best one of all was what my dad said about a “potentially gay” member of the company. He was telling me that a few of the other guys were asking him what he was going to do about having a gay male amongst all the other “clearly hetero” men. I loved his response. He said that the young man was here to serve his country and that as long as he does his job, he has no problem with him.

I asked if he could point the guy out to me, but as he looked around the gymnasium, he didn’t see him. Well, I have pretty good gaydar and as I was walking to the ladies room, I saw him. He looked at me kind of sheepishly and I smiled back. I can’t imagine all the shit he’s had to go through in his life, and anyone who joins the military is brave in my opinion. He didn’t know it, but he was my hero today.

I should have made sure he knew it though.

I should have walked right up to him, gave him a hug, and thanked him for serving our country.

If I ever have another chance to do something like this again, I hope I have the presence of mind and the social awareness to think of it and the compassion to do it.

/steps down from my soap box ’till another day.