“Rene A. and Lara B. have very different backgrounds bringing complexity and diversity to their view points. Their life experiences have given them insight into the single mom and the nuances of daily living that we all struggle with!”

-Samantha Stone, Newton Falls

Hi, I’m Rene A., and I’m the primary caretaker of this blog. I’ve been a single mom for nearly four years; my daughter will be six this year. I met Lara on a facebook group devoted to single moms almost a year ago, and several months ago, a few of the other members bugged me about starting an advice blog. I decided to embark on this new adventure with Lara because not only does she offer a different perspective, she is also a genuine, caring person.

Hello, my name is Lara B., I’m no stranger to single motherhood. In fact, I’ve been a single mom for the last eighteen years. Even though my son is now almost twenty-three years old, I haven’t forgotten the hard-learned lessons of those early days. I’m also a Christian and to some it may seem a little odd that I’ve chosen to write this blog alongside a person of no faith, but I believe very deeply that the key to intelligence is being able to see many points of view and then thoughtfully choosing the right one. Closed-mindedness hurts everyone — exploring and curiosity are some of our greatest gifts. I’m so glad that you’re here to share this journey of love and compassion with us all, wherever our path may be leading.


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