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A Christian’s Plea for Civil Discourse

Having been on three sides of this discussion, as a fundamentalist, a Methodist, and now an atheist, I can say that sure, civil discourse is possible between the more liberal, mainstream Christians and non-believers, but there is no such thing as civil discourse between fundamentalists and anyone else – not even among themselves.

godless in dixie

rachel-held-evansCNN’s Belief Blog posted a short article yesterday by Rachel Held Evans calling for atheists to avoid using the worst of Christian extremism in their critiques against Christianity, offering to return the favor by not doing the same in reverse against atheists. Evans is a favorite Christian writer of mine for the simple reason that she speaks prophetically to the Christian church as an insider. By speaking “prophetically” I mean that she openly speaks up when she sees her friends and fellow Christians saying and doing things which she feels are contrary to the faith, no matter how important or influential those people may be. She holds the professors of her faith accountable to the ideals she feels are central; and those ideals are, in my opinion, some of the better tenets of the Christian faith. Incidentally, those elements which I find praiseworthy are the same principles which can be…

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